April 29

On the path to Africa – Results, where are you!!!!??

I’m officially out 6 weeks away from flying to Africa and 7 weeks out from my next major running event. The nervousness and panic is periodic, and seems to come in bouts. My training is on schedule though in my own mind not feeling hilly enough. General health is good although the state of my […]

February 07

Negative Thought Patterns and the Quest for Fappiness.

Blow outs… we all have them, and personal trainers and fitness enthusiasts are no different. And even though I constantly hear ‘but you are skinny, you don’t need to lose weight’ or, ‘what are you talking about don’t be ridiculous’ on a regular basis, the true nature of the fact is it is just the visual obviousness that makes […]

The Twomeys Experiment – Game, Set, Match.

Hello readers! Well the Twomeys experiment is well and truly over, and I survived without having any extra digits start growing off my limbs and no hideous steroid type increases in muscle mass so Thanks Mum but you can stop worrying now. After a few hot runs, and initially foamy armpits over the course of the week […]

December 23

The Twomeys Experiment – Day 2, An exercise in Colon Control.

So on the weekend I started the twomeys experiment, beginning with a 5km benchmark run, the colon cleanse yesterday and following up with a 5km run today. And I have to admit there have been a few surprises to come out of this experiment so far that I think are worth noting. 1. Herbs can be […]

December 23

The Twomeys Experiment – The Plan

So over the last few weeks I have been chatting with a delightful man named Gerrard Twomey who is the founder/director/producer of a range of natural sports and arthritis creams called Twomey’s. Gerrard, knowing I was a fitness enthusiast called me to ask me if I’d like to do a trial with some of his all […]

December 19

Dealing with my worst ultra marathon ever

So, here I stand at the end of a big year..having completed it by running an absolute disaster of a race. Yes my last Ultra for the year saw me finish in my worst time ever and I have to say, it’s left a bit of a bad taste in my mouth. Just last Sunday I was […]

October 08

The 3am Strip Show

So it was 3:30am and we were all awake bustling around in the tent getting our running gear together. It was only when Karen made the cheeky comment, “Look Jamie’s putting on a show for us” that I realised my amazingly bright camping lantern was casting a full body silhouette on the tent internal walls for all […]

October 04

Dwellingup Drop Bears and Drop Bags

The good news is I survived the 81km WTF race The bad news is I went off course for around 9km. The best news is that I learnt something amazing about myself, finished what I had intended, and am a stronger person for the experience. So as Julie Andrews would sing “lets start at the very beginning, a […]

September 24

Sweaty Bikram Dingleberrys Anyone? Advice for Bikram Yoga Beginners.

Pheweee! What a week. With final preparations happening for my race on Saturday I have been a busy little bee checking off everything I need for the weekend trip as well as fitting in a few last-minute bits of training before total rest. In doing so, I have tapered my running and also aimed to slot in a few massages […]

September 19

Omega 3’s, 6’s & 9’s, 1099’s, 1 million and 2.85’s… and a Dog that eats Asparagus

Following on from an epic metabolic conditioning session involving butt gusting double unders, one arm dumbbell snatches, handstand push ups, sit ups, 600m sprints, decline ab sit ups and bicep curls it was no surprise I was absolutely starving by the time I got home from the gym last night! And in the words of […]

September 17

The Electro Stimulation Experiment!

And so the countdown to the big day has begun! My 50 miler event is in little over a week and the nerves have already started. This weeks training consists of a 10km, 12km and 20km run. And thank god tapering has begun as I feel like I couldn’t be in greater need of the […]

September 11

Treadmill running will never be boring again!

Treadmill twinkle toes! One of my friends posted this on facebook and I just had to share. Somehow I feel like I should be stepping up my footwork skills on the Treadmill. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did! -Fitmidget

September 10

Once upon a time…

This a story about a happy ending.  Like all good happy endings,  it begins with a fairy tale. Except it wasn’t a very pretty fairy tale. It had no magic carpets, genies or fairy dust.,but it did have dirt… lots of it.. and also a little bit of special magic. This is no ordinary magic. It is the type of magic that […]

September 02

Long hiatus overcome!!!

Well coach potatoes, fitness enthusiasts, fellow runners and whomever else has spare time on their hands to read this blog, I am back! The fitmidget is back into action after a long hiatus away from the blogging post.   Needless to say I could list a whole line of excuses here as to why I have […]

September 02

A night at Lark Hill – Part 3

  To be continued……. Fiona’s already up beat demeanour and attitude towards finishing meant it was easy for me, I didn’t really have to pace her at all, so we just chit chatted away as the laps went by. I’m not sure if it was my calorie or fluid intake, or the fact that it was much was […]

March 26

Ch.. Ch.. Ch.. Chia!

After being nagged but a certain trail runner who recently found themselves overloaded with Chia seeds and no idea what to do with them I decided to post my recipe for Chia Seed Fresca to help them out. Being both an avid reader and runner I was introduced to the book ’Born To Run’ two years ago. […]

March 21

A night at Lark Hill – Part 2

Karen was only allowed a few minutes to stop and sit before she dragged herself back up and out on the trail again. Holy cow I admired her. It took a tremendous amount of guts to sit in that seat and be able to get back up again with functional legs and even partly functional brain. Mentally […]

March 13

A night at Lark Hill – Part 1

It all started on a road trip out to Cunderdin. My then new running friend Karen had invited me to tag along to participate in an event over the Christmas break and it was then during the car ride that we had got on to talking about our running goals. I had explained that I was determined that 2013 […]

February 24

Bugs = extra protein

So I am writing post race right now, in fact post the 4th race of the Summer Perth Trail series. (Can’t believe it’s been that long!) This year I have been competing in the long courses rather than with last year where I mixed it up with both short course runs and a long course runs. […]

January 14

Stay Puft – The tale of a ghostbusting adventure and neverending sand!

Sunday the 13th of January, unlucky number for the superstitious for exciting for me as this was to be the first race of the Perth Trail Summer Series! The Perth Trail series is a collection of 5 short but challenging trail races in the hills surrounding Perth with both Short and Long course options. The short usually range […]