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Friday Funnies

I was sent this earlier in the week and I just had to post it. In no way do I endorse trying any of these things at home or in the gym.

Down & Dirty – Part 1

        11am Sunday the 19th of August and here I was bunching everyone together for the classic ’before’ photo. “Dammit I forgot to brush my teeth” I said to Dean who was next to me. “Don’t worry, they’ll be covered in mud soon” he re-assured me. The event in question was the […]

Down & Dirty – Part 2

  I gulped as we stood waiting as the breadth of what we were about to do sunk in. The whole team stood watching other participants holding onto a short rope, propping one leg up and leaning their whole bodyweight backwards to climb up a flat slippery wall angled at what looked like 45 degrees […]


It was a relatively quiet period in the gym today when I was sneakily watching a gym member quickly and efficiently perform a series of torturous looking pull up variations. After immediately being impressed at the strength displayed I started to feel cheated at how hard pull ups were for us girls in comparison to some guys. The reasons […]

Respect The Distance

There’s a little bug that has been niggling at me lately, and everywhere I go at the moment I seem to be finding it. Glorified stories of people running marathons, half marathons and the 12km City to Surf after having undertaken absolutely zero training. No don’t get me wrong, kudos to those who have done it and survived […]

A breakfast of Champions!

I was up and atom this morning with a new determination to clean up my diet a bit more since it had faltered a few times over the last week. So with a renewed enthusiasm, and a double training session scheduled this morning I put together my nut based muesli fresh strawberries, blueberries, dollop of yoghurt and […]

Bananas, Bikinis, and 6 inch high heels – INBA Natural Physique Titles 13th Oct 2007 PT 1

PT 1.  Morning Preparation It was a 5am start with 3 herbal diuretics, a breakfast of dry oats mixed with a thick protein paste, and a tar like syrup made of 2 teaspoons of dry black coffee and only 100ml of water. Yum Yum! Next was stage makeup and hair. Using hemorrhoids cream under my eyes […]

Bananas, Bikinis, and 6 inch high heels – INBA Natural Physique Titles 13th Oct 2007 PT 2

PT 2.  The Big Finale We left the comp with a bit of a scrape as my car pulled off the lawn and unavoidably down the curb. Nevertheless, we tootled off glad to make it home in time for lunch. The contentment soon turned to worry when above the radio came a loud, hollow sort […]

Sunnies, Skins and Skirts @ The City To Surf Expo – 25th Aug 2012

After a busy day fighting my way through the supermarket buying my goodies for the evenings cooking adventure (please see post on Roasted pumpkin chicken and spinach risotto) I also managed a stop in at the City to Surf Expo held at the Perth Convention Centre on Saturday. Arriving at the expo I was surprised […]

The second risotto I’ve ever made in my life

So here I am quite chuffed with myself after having just finished cooking the second risotto I’ve ever made in my life. After having blown up a microwave cooking 2 minute noodles, and burning various pots and tea towels in my bachelorette days it’s no wonder I was labelled a disaster in the kitchen. Hell, my mum even laughed in my face when I asked […]

Thrust into a technological galaxy far, far away…

So here I am, being welcomed with open arms into the world of Blogging, confused already by complicated sounding IT terms like domains, dashboards, and URLs. I can’t help but wonder what URL even stands for.  Upright Row Lunge? And isn’t a dashboard the thing in my car that always needs cleaning but never gets it? Nevertheless, onward and […]