September 02

Long hiatus overcome!!!

Well coach potatoes, fitness enthusiasts, fellow runners and whomever else has spare time on their hands to read this blog, I am back!

The fitmidget is back into action after a long hiatus away from the blogging post. I'm back bitches! :)


Needless to say I could list a whole line of excuses here as to why I have been so lazy as not to get around to blogging….

My training schedule, my separation, moving house, planning overseas trips, increasing work hours, etc,.. etc…

And although there is truth in every single one of those reasons I instead choose not to dwell on the why not’s and outline the reasons I am back online.

1. Mentally I have had many breakthroughs to share.

2. Physically I am stronger than before and believe through my own strength I can share and educate others about fitness.

3. I literally have internet access everywhere now!

4. Because I enjoy and miss writing.

So it’s onwards and upwards for this little midget. And I just can’t wait to share what I have been up to!

Love peace and chicken grease….