March 26

Ch.. Ch.. Ch.. Chia!

After being nagged but a certain trail runner who recently found themselves overloaded with Chia seeds and no idea what to do with them I decided to post my recipe for Chia Seed Fresca to help them out.

Being both an avid reader and runner I was introduced to the book ’Born To Run’ two years ago. The book describes a Mexican tribe of superathletes called ‘The Tarahumara’ who run 50 or 100 miles at a time for pure enjoyment, and without effort. Their diet is described in some small detail in the book with repeated mention of a Chia Seed drink called Iskiate. There are many purported benefits of chia seeds, and legends abound about chia seeds reviving struggling athletes or warriors and with small amounts sustaining men for long periods of time. Therefore this low calorie recipe has become my ‘must have’ for pre-event prep or on days when I feel I need an energy boost!


Fitmidget’s Chia Seed Fresca (Iskiate) Recipe


1/3 Cup Chia seed (white or blk)

1/2 fresh Lime and/or lemon juice for taste

3 Cups Cold Water

1-2 Tablespoons of honey or agave nectar to taste

1. Heat water and chia seeds, keep stirring to prevent the seeds from coagulating. Once boiling, turn down heat to simmer.

2. Once the seeds have started to gel, squeeze lime and lemon to add in juice and add honey to taste. More or less can be added depending on your preference.

3. Pour into drinking containers and allow to cool. Keep in fridge for an energy boosting drink!