Monthly Archives: March 2013

March 26

Ch.. Ch.. Ch.. Chia!

After being nagged but a certain trail runner who recently found themselves overloaded with Chia seeds and no idea what to do with them I decided to post my recipe for Chia Seed Fresca to help them out. Being both an avid reader and runner I was introduced to the book ’Born To Run’ two years ago. […]

March 21

A night at Lark Hill – Part 2

Karen was only allowed a few minutes to stop and sit before she dragged herself back up and out on the trail again. Holy cow I admired her. It took a tremendous amount of guts to sit in that seat and be able to get back up again with functional legs and even partly functional brain. Mentally […]

March 13

A night at Lark Hill – Part 1

It all started on a road trip out to Cunderdin. My then new running friend Karen had invited me to tag along to participate in an event over the Christmas break and it was then during the car ride that we had got on to talking about our running goals. I had explained that I was determined that 2013 […]