The name is Jmac but over the years I have often been refered to as shorty, shortstuff, pixie, lil one, lil ninja, or midget.  Although I don’t suffer from dwarfism or any other genetic condition I have just always been short for my age. Yes I was the one who was always positioned at the end of the front row in school photos year after year.

Although this means I have never excelled at basketball, being short has offered me many other advantages such as: fitting comfortably into car boots, hardly having to bend for ‘the limbo’, paying less for items I can buy in the kids section, and sometimes being able to knock a few years off my age.


Currently I manage a gym in Marmion, Perth and I have been in the fitness industry in one way or another for over a decade. I am a fully qualified personal trainer and gym instructor who has always been involved in many sports and areas of fitness. Previously I have trained in body building, paintball, weightlifting, gymnastics, netball, hockey, cheerleading, dancing, Muay Thai, Crossfit, and running. Some simply as a participant others as a competitor at a state, national and/or professional level.


I hold qualifications in Crossfit coaching (level 1), and Olympic/Power Lifting. I hold a level 1 in gymnastics, my boxing instructors cert, Cert 3 and 4 in Fitness, my Master Trainer, training for specific populations qualification, Living Longer Living Stronger COTA nbsp;Certificate, and have also instructed Muay Thai kickboxing, various forms of dancing, aerobics, spin classes, pump classes, and stretch/flex classes. In my spare time I like to write fitness articles, hold stretching workshops, and take nutrition seminars.


Regardless of my experience I am still one of many everyday people who find it difficult to maintain the point of optimal good health and wellbeing everyday over my lifetime. Which is why I believe there is still always so much to learn and share in every aspect of healthy living.

With no fountain of youth, pill of health or miracle cure to prevent us getting old or ill, I dedicate my life to being a proactive advocate of finding happiness through balance, both physically and mentally by keeping active in the body, mind and soul.


This for me currently includes but is not limited to dancing, singing (usually of poor quality), trail and road running, weight training,  eating, getting massages, and generally being an enthusiastic participant as much as possible in local fitness events and in life itself.

Feel free to join me in my journey, follow the ups and downs, the good and bad, and the highs and lows for what is sure to be a blog choc full of personal challenges, nutritious creations, and educational experiences.


“All of life is learning, therefore education can never end” – Eduard Lindemann