Omega 3’s, 6’s & 9’s, 1099’s, 1 million and 2.85’s… and a Dog that eats Asparagus

Following on from an epic metabolic conditioning session involving butt gusting double unders, one arm dumbbell snatches, handstand push ups, sit ups, 600m sprints, decline ab sit ups and bicep curls it was no surprise I was absolutely starving by the time I got home from the gym last night!

fish dinner

And in the words of Big Sean, If-i-swim-with-the-piranhas-guarantee-that-imma-probably-have-a-fish-dinner… although being in the gym amongst the weightlifters and general fitness buffs isn’t quite swimming with the piranhas, the fish dinner part was to certainly ring true.

udos oilGreat I thought to myself, “I will have fish and the extra Omega’s will do me good!”

Normally I use Udos Oil on a daily basis, mixing it with my muesli and in salads to maintain a good healthy intake of my Omegas to keep the ol bones slippin and a slidin. But given the breadth and width of what I’m gearing up for in 9 days time and my growing craving for fish, last night I cooked up a delicious meal of crispy skinned salmon, salted asparagus, cauliflower and sweet potato chips.

And in doing so I also discovered something very very wonderful!
Once I’d finished eating and there was nothing but dregs left, I took to feeding the scraps to my most favourite and closest personal training client and running partner, Miss Isabella Poppy Parker (More commonly known as Izzy Pop). And much to my surprise she even ate the asparagus!Salmon dinner

Now to give you a small bit of background on the inspirising Izzy. At the start of the year Izzy Pop used to be slightly overweight.
She is a pugalier so does have a slight disposition to being barrel chested anyway, however she would often come second best in the exercise stakes to my ex’s larger and more energetic dog when we lived together. But now, since having separated from Izzy Pops Dad, Izzy Pop has has undergone a transformation, with one on one regular training sessions with me to not only keep her happy and energetic but to also maintain optimum canine health.

I can also now recognise that Izzy Pops previous portion sizes were too big and with little balance in her diet. I admit that in feeding both dogs, big and small under the same roof, that both me and my ex partner used to give Izzy too much dog food. Since having moved out of the house and being on a small weekly budget I have often found myself giving Izzy the leftovers from my own meals to simply decrease food wastage and save on dog food too.

Izzy pop BeforeThe result has been that Izzy Pop can now say she is a long distance runner. Because Yes, all dogs talk!

Over the last 6 months I have been slowly conditioning Izzy to be able to jog on trails with me. We started with her usual plays in the park, and regular walks, and then began a 3km local loop on the footpaths running until she was puffed and then walking at intervals to let her recover. Until we were able to run a full 3km, then 5km on trails, and then 7km, 10km, 12km and eventually 15k!Izzy Pop After

And although it was a bittersweet moment I realised all the hard work had culminated when we went on a 10 km run at Bold Park. The run simply ended with me and my flatmate huffing and puffing and out of breath while Izzy casually jumped into the car at the end, with out being short of breath or with a hair out of place. Truly truly incredible. I am so lucky to have such a wonderful dog!

Moral of the story kids, find a suitable trainer, build up your distance slowly, take fish oil and eat your greens and you too can be a long distance runner like the fantastic Izzy Pop!

– Fitmidget