Monthly Archives: September 2013

September 24

Sweaty Bikram Dingleberrys Anyone? Advice for Bikram Yoga Beginners.

Pheweee! What a week. With final preparations happening for my race on Saturday I have been a busy little bee checking off everything I need for the weekend trip as well as fitting in a few last-minute bits of training before total rest. In doing so, I have tapered my running and also aimed to slot in a few massages […]

September 19

Omega 3’s, 6’s & 9’s, 1099’s, 1 million and 2.85’s… and a Dog that eats Asparagus

Following on from an epic metabolic conditioning session involving butt gusting double unders, one arm dumbbell snatches, handstand push ups, sit ups, 600m sprints, decline ab sit ups and bicep curls it was no surprise I was absolutely starving by the time I got home from the gym last night! And in the words of […]

September 17

The Electro Stimulation Experiment!

And so the countdown to the big day has begun! My 50 miler event is in little over a week and the nerves have already started. This weeks training consists of a 10km, 12km and 20km run. And thank god tapering has begun as I feel like I couldn’t be in greater need of the […]

September 11

Treadmill running will never be boring again!

Treadmill twinkle toes! One of my friends posted this on facebook and I just had to share. Somehow I feel like I should be stepping up my footwork skills on the Treadmill. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did! -Fitmidget

September 10

Once upon a time…

This a story about a happy ending.  Like all good happy endings,  it begins with a fairy tale. Except it wasn’t a very pretty fairy tale. It had no magic carpets, genies or fairy dust.,but it did have dirt… lots of it.. and also a little bit of special magic. This is no ordinary magic. It is the type of magic that […]

September 02

Long hiatus overcome!!!

Well coach potatoes, fitness enthusiasts, fellow runners and whomever else has spare time on their hands to read this blog, I am back! The fitmidget is back into action after a long hiatus away from the blogging post.   Needless to say I could list a whole line of excuses here as to why I have […]

September 02

A night at Lark Hill – Part 3

  To be continued……. Fiona’s already up beat demeanour and attitude towards finishing meant it was easy for me, I didn’t really have to pace her at all, so we just chit chatted away as the laps went by. I’m not sure if it was my calorie or fluid intake, or the fact that it was much was […]