The Twomeys Experiment – Game, Set, Match.

Hello readers!

Well the Twomeys experiment is well and truly over, and I survived without having any extra digits start growing off my limbs and no hideous steroid type increases in muscle mass so Thanks Mum but you can stop worrying now.

After a few hot runs, and initially foamy armpits over the course of the week I completed my three 5km test runs, and here’s how it went down:

Saturday 21st December 2013- Benchmark 5km run along the coast.  Completed at approx 8:30am  Result: 22 mins, 16 secs

Sunday 22nd December 2013 – Herbal Colon Cleanse/Toilet Training and Lesson in Bowel Control.

Monday 23rd December 2013 – Intermittent 5km run along the coast.

Felt dehydrated and lethargic had to stop 8 metres from finish to puke air. Completed at appprox 8:15am  Result: 22 mins, 55 secs

Tuesday 24th December 2013 – Rest and continue to apply Cleansing Cream in the morning, switch to Repair cream in the evening.

Wednesday 25th December 2013 – Final 5km run along the coast. Completed at approx. 9:15am Result: 21 mins 53 secs


Some controls which I should mention are that I ran the exact same route along the coast all three times and tried to run at around the same time each run.

Variables include:

The weather. It was certainly hotter on some days than others though generally the weather was relatively consistent with no more variation than 5 degrees +/-. Wind conditions I did not track nor could I monitor except through perceived perception that it seemed relatively the same across all three runs.

Sleep. My sleep and recovery varied slightly from day to day, especially with Christmas Eve – Christmas Day.

Nutrition. My nutrition was varied but no more than what it would normally deviate on a weekly basis. This would be the same to any other week.

Pacer. For my final run I was lucky enough to have a speed demon on a bicycle in front of my wheelie-ing and leading the way. This is turn could have caused me to naturally run faster. Especially since he was wearing exercise shorts that really defined his assets.

Conclusion: My time definitely improved over the course of my running with the expected slower run having most likely been the after affects of the cleanse. With so many variables to consider as well as the ‘practice makes perfect’ idea that you’re likely to naturally get faster over a set distance with more practice it cannot be concluded that the Twomeys creams helped in anyway with increasing my running speed. It did however not hinder my ability to run faster.

Surprises: After using Gerrards Repair cream I found the few cuts and grazes I had on my legs significantly changed for the better. Cuts which had normally been taking weeks and even months to heal had almost completely healed in about 24-48 hours.

Gerrards amazing chocolates did help me with energy realease. I tried them when I remembered too before my runs. I felt they suppressed my appetitite and yet I still felt I had the energy to actually run. Winner! Winner! Chocolate-with-Bee-Pollen Dinner! Now just to find a way to stop them from melting so I may use them on my longer runs……???

After the initial shock of having foamy underarms post middle run, my armpits did in fact stop foaming by the Final Run. 🙂 No more rexona bubbles!

Well that’s all from me. Over and out.