December 20

Yummy brown balls!

Hello readers, my apologies for my terrible tardiness in posting. However tis the season to be jolly in the land of fitmidget and I’ve certainly been doing plenty of that. Nevertheless amongst my festivities I have had more time to be in the kitchen much to the relief of Dean, and in the mix I’ve also cottoned […]

December 18

My Favourite Cheat Snack

I was enthusiastic over the weekend to try and use up some of the many nuts and packets of almond flour I had in the cupboard. And so I decided to make a couple of my all time favourites. One being Paleo Choc Chip Cookies. Now I know chocolate certainly isn’t all that paleo, but I like to make […]

November 29

A Weekend Of Many First’s – Part 4….A race against the clock and the winner is…The Tastiest Milo ever.

I wanted to be able to say I had finished 12 hours all on my own accord, and by giving her my pack felt like my statement of ‘I Did it!’ would lack credibility. ‘Give it back please, I just can’t let you do it.’ I said. Bernadette, being a psychologist, later pointed out that […]

The rolling hills of Nannup November 27

A Weekend of Many Firsts – Part 3 – Dung, Disorientation & Dirty Dancing.

Ahead of us was the thickest nastiest bush we had been through yet. The land was uneven and the bushes seemed to be taller and for me – all-consuming. It was at this point that the stinging of the scratches on my legs became intolerable and the temperature was dropping so I decided to get changed into […]

A Weekend of Many Firsts – Part 2 – Spurs, sandwiches and hallucinations.

After not initially knowing anything about rogaining, I had consulted the oracle (google) and learnt that rogaining was done in teams of 2-5 and involved navigating your way through a mapped area, cross-country and bushland to collect as many ‘controls’ as possible. I was soon to also learn that these controls would be worth different point values […]

Part of the camping grounds November 07

A Weekend of many firsts – Part 1

So it was to be my last event for the year, and I’d chosen to go on a 12 hour Rogaine with a world class ultra runner, and a world class rogainer. What on earth had I gotten myself into! I left home at 2:30pm and my teammate Bernadette and I arrived in Nannup around three hours later and […]

October 25

The Strength and Conditioning Coach dishes it out!

Dive Bombers and Bounding Well hello all you FitMidget followers and fans. Yes I am Chantelle the Personal Trainer who tries to push Jamie to the limit each week. As Jamie is already a highly experienced and extremely fit Personal Trainer herself, I sure do have my work cut out for me. Now a few things […]

The most fear I’ve ever had about frolicking in lavender fields

Somewhere between then and now, I asked myself how it happened exactly. Perhaps caught up in a wave of desperation and enthusiasm to search for a event to take part in this weekend to replace my cancelled trail running weekend I now find myself excited and anxious to be participating in a 12 hour rogaining event in Nannup. Being […]

Tragedy, when the feelings gone and you can’t go on it’s tragedy.

Hope you didn’t miss me, but tragedy struck the world of Fitmidget last week hence the reason I have largely been offline. Upon reaching the climax of my pre-event training schedule, hitting a 55km running week, three intense weight training sessions, and 5 of the best nights sleeps I’ve ever had…… I was also informed […]

Abs of steel & sex appeal

Whether you’re just starting an exercise program, or you’ve been at it for years, there is one thing on everyone’s wish list: a toned stomach. When it comes to training abs of steel, here’s what you need to know: Burn fat. Most people already have strong, defined abs…they just happen to be covered by a […]

The Hulk Complex on the increase

With Summer nipping at our heels, I am generally finding myself bombarded by questions from clients about getting in shape. With the fear of fitting into a swimsuit looming, it can be a confronting time to look in the mirror and then curse ourselves for letting things go a bit over Winter with second helpings of Dads Sunday Roast. But never fear, because hope is not […]

Breakfast on the run!

Finding myself racing to the gym for training, hurriedly showering and then busting out in the Nug mobile to go see my massage therapist meant I was stuck for time with my post workout snack this morning. Nevertheless I had prepared a little beauty of a snack late last night to accommodate for such situations. This little gem is so […]

Looking to lose weight? K.I.S.S

Being in the fitness industry for over a decade now means that I am commonly being asked questions by new clients about everything exercise related you could possibly think of who want to know everything to help them lose the weight fast. More often than not these conversations start of with the phrasing: ‘I read the other day…’ […]

Whats your excuse?

There are certainly many people out there who are truly inspirational and who continue to amaze me everyday, and now Todd Love is one of them. After standing on a landmine in Afghanistan 2010, Todd was left a Triple Amputee. But instead of becoming a victim of his injuries, Todd now travels the world for charity […]

At a loss for motivation?

Being a morning exerciser usually means that when a change in my work hours comes around to force me to exercise in the afternoon I struggle. Bigtime. Mentally my mind is already on its way home to wind down for the evening, physically my body has bypassed the idea of the gym hours ago and is already gloriously […]

One Man, 20 Million Steps

I couldn’t believe after reading this book how I hadn’t heard about Pat Farmer or his amazing feat earlier. In 2011 he ran all the way from the North Pole to the South Pole in around 10 months 13 days or something close, ridiculously fast. He documented his whole journey with a diary and also with […]

Getting a shoe-in on running shoes

Choosing the right pair of running shoes can prove to be an absolute nightmare for the first time, especially if you’re not really sure what you need. But talking to hundreds of people in the gym over the last year about their favourite running shoes, or their brand of choice has led me to believe in three-four major […]

Friday Fitness Funnies

Although I’m a firm believer that all forms of fitness have their uses and place in the world. I certainly favour some over others in terms of functionality. But if your stuck for motivation this weekend, perhaps you could try one of these workouts:        

Training for the trailathlon (try saying that 3 times fast)

What on earth is a Trailathlon I can hear you ask? It’s an interesting concoction of weekend running thought up by Ultrarunner Bernadette Benson for the last event on the Perth Trail series calendar. It’s the ‘big mama event’ to finish up their line up for 2012 and they are calling it a Trailathlon. It consists of a weekend spent camping […]

Beginners Guide to Trail Running

For those of you who enjoy a break away from the hustle and bustle of a busy city, and prefer to be outdoors and amongst it, trail running maybe for you. It takes the average exerciser to places they may only ever see on a tv in a gym, and plunges them into the great outdoors. You can […]