Whats your excuse?

Triple Amputee Veteran Todd Love heading towards the finish line of The Beast event of the Spartan Race

There are certainly many people out there who are truly inspirational and who continue to amaze me everyday, and now Todd Love is one of them. After standing on a landmine in Afghanistan 2010, Todd was left a Triple Amputee. But instead of becoming a victim of his injuries, Todd now travels the world for charity fundraising by experiencing extreme sports to show support for his fellow injured veterans.

Most recently Corporal Love took part in a 10.5 mile (17km) obstacle and endurance race called the Beast. Purposefully wearing a mask and visor to  restrict his breathing by up to 30-percent – thereby making it more difficult to complete the event he struggled to finish but nevertheless along with 8 other team members he did complete it.

After reading about Todds story I believe this can be a kick up the bum for most of us in more ways than one. His ability to live life to the fullest regardless of what he’s endured should serve as an inspiration and motivation for those of us who are not limited in anyway physically. We can all learn from Todd’s tenacity for life and take a page out of his book by putting aside any excuses and just doing what we know we need to do. Keep working out and eating right to stay fit and healthy.

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