The most fear I’ve ever had about frolicking in lavender fields

Somewhere between then and now, I asked myself how it happened exactly.

Perhaps caught up in a wave of desperation and enthusiasm to search for a event to take part in this weekend to replace my cancelled trail running weekend I now find myself excited and anxious to be participating in a 12 hour rogaining event in Nannup.

Being teamed up with world class rogainer Mark Imbert and also world class ultrarunner Bernadette Benson means I have the opportunity to be taught by the best, but I also can’t help but question what I (a world class nothing) brings of value to the team.

Nevertheless I must not focus on the anxieties waiting in the dark to creep up when I’ve got nothing else to think about, but instead I am focusing all my attention on being well prepared and enthusiastic, as enthusiasm is always busting at the seams when I know a challenge is in store!

So what is rogaining then I hear you say?

Well funnily enough, I’m not too sure myself. Something about navigating long distance cross country to collect control points over an allocated time…. isn’t that like orienteering? Who knows! But never fear, learning exactly what this entails firsthand will be one of many practical learning experiences for me this weekend. Along with setting up a tent successfully on my own, and staying on my feet for 12 hours straight!

In preparing for this event I have kept up my running program and even succeeded in running a 3 hours trek through the trails. Conditioned myself to eating on the run, and also maintained relevant weight training and conditioning to make sure I am in tip top shape for the weekend thanks partly to my trainer Chantelle Fairall.

In fact stay tuned to read an upcoming article by Guest Blogger Chantelle Fairall my strength and conditioning coach on some of the training I have been getting into to prepare.

Back to the rogaining…with my enthusiasm tucked away in my camelbak, peanut butter and mashed banana sambos ready to go and my hydration pack filled, I am off this weekend to conquer the lovely lavender fields of Nannup. Wish me luck! I might need it!